Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gandhi Peace Brigade/ Lieberman Wants to Drop Charges, Prosecutor Says No

Dear Friends,

Leslie and her CodePink sisters recently attended Petraeus's Congressional hearing. When the general started to say that Iran was supplying weapons to the insurgents in Iraq, Leslie jumped to her feet and yelled, "That's a lie! That's a lie! I've been to Iran. I was there in May. They're beautiful people!"

A Capital Police officer grabbed her by the arm and escorted her out. As he was taking her from the room she told him, "He's lying, I've just come back from Iran." "I understand that" he said. Another officer asked, "Are you going to book her?" "No" he responded, "We're letting her go." He turned to Leslie and said,"You're not allowed back in the hearing and don't make any disruption in the hall." With heart pounding, she left before they could change their minds.

Nine people were arrested that day. Others were simply escorted out of the hearing and released. Some had to spend the night in jail. The police seemed to be acting arbitrarily without rhyme or reason. When Reverand Yearwood objected to not being allowed back in line, he was taken down by eight policeman and his ankle was broken.

Leslie was fortunate not to be one of the people arrested. The judge she saw for her "unlawful entry" charge in Lieberman's office would not have been pleased. Lieberman wants to drop the charges (thanks for those phone calls), but the prosecuting attorney has decided to go ahead with the case. He gave Leslie the choice of a jury trial, with a possible sentence of six months in jail, or a stet docket. In the spirit of "picking her battles" Leslie has chosen the stet docket. Agreeing to this requires her to stay out of trouble for the next six months, which won't be easy.

We're both committed to doing what we can to prevent a military strike against Iran and sometimes our love for the people we met over there causes us to commit random acts of kindness and senseless beauty. The Capital Police are also beginning to see pink, so we're wondering if there might be some "pink profiling" going on.

Leslie and I are currently staying at the DC CodePink house. Dressed as "Pink Police" we protested in front of the Washington Press Club where Petraeus was speaking. Medea, disguised in a business suit, tried to get in, but they reminded her that she has been "banned for life". Another time we walked out of a Congressional FISA Hearing wearing enormous sunglasses with "Stop Spying" written on the lenses. Yelling "Arrest The War Criminal!" into bullhorns near the president's good-bye ceremony for General Pace at Arlington Cemetary felt especially good. CodePink is fun and effective and it is SUCH AN HONOR to be making a difference with these strong, defiant women. Join them if you can! ... either here in DC or at your local chapter.

Peace and Freedom,

Jes & Leslie

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