Friday, September 7, 2007

Whips and Sheep

Whips and Sheep
Today kicked of the “Whip Congress into Shape “Campaign. A Swedish reporter was the first media to arrive. They followed the house crew around as usual takes were accomplished and last minute refining of the campaign were put together. The time arrived when we all assembled in front of the new banner, wearing Whip Congress Into Shape t-shirts – all which arrived FEDEX at 7:30 am, and sang the campaign song which had been finalized at one am. Once again ideas rained down and power to the people grew. After the press conference, we took the Yellow Rose Bus, (google it) close to the Capital.
We unloaded banner, tambourines, sheep heads, and women dressed in pink, with top hats and pink whips! It business as usual for the Capital crowd, tourists, staffers and others as we marched down the street, chanting. When we stopped marching to set up for the second press conference, Anne Wright began to lead us in chants No more killing no more war. Not a moment on the hill is wasted when you have the opportunity to sway a Senator. Many people were stopping members of Congress as they entered or left the building attempting to reason with them. The thing I observed was that most of the members would stop and talk even if they were on the wrong side.
After a great press conference we did an action on the Capital steps. Both actions are on U-Tube. You can check them out through the Codepink website under Press releases. Actions never stop here because the killing has not stopped.
Later several of us went to a screening of the The Valley of Elah. I highly recommend everyone see it. It is a true story about PTSD and Iraqi Veterans. Difficult, but necessary viewing.

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